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OmegaLite I

NEWS... I have now sold the last of my OmegaLites. I may build the OmegaLite II sometime in the future, but for now I am focusing on my PhD work and just don't have time to keep up with building lamps in addition to all the other things I do that are not school-related.

Welcome to the webpage that will solve all your caving lighting problems! Tired of using an unreliable, dim, battery hogging light that never works when you pull it out of your muddy box of gear? Then this is the light for you.

Check out some pictures of the OmegaLite I here.

For a complete spec sheet and detailed information about the lamp, please click here

The OmegaLite is designed and built by a caver for cavers who use thier lights. I (Benjamin Schwartz) decided a couple years ago to build an electric caving light that was small, bomb-proof, waterproof, simple to use, reliable, and efficient, while still producing plenty of light for caving. I was tired of all the commercially available electric caving lights that may have had one of these features, but certainly not all of them. It seemed to me that the solution was to build a current and voltage regulated LED light with a robust and high quality design. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, to make a long story short, I now have a very good appreciation for why good lights are hard to find and are relatively expensive! This 'simple' project took me most of 18 months to go from the concept to a product I could sell.

Without the assistance of Nevin Davis and his understanding of how to build all the electronics that went into the light, none of this would have ever been finished. Nevin was able to take my ideas and help me turn them into a functional circuit design. I'm very grateful for the many hours he spent working with me on this project.



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