Historic Charlottesville for Kids  
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Take a walk into the past!

As you walk down the Charlottesville Downtown Mall, look up and around for clues from the past. Taken together, these clues tell a story about historic Charlottesville businesses, storekeepers, citizens, and landscapes. Today's pedestrian (walkable) mall celebrated its 30th birthday in July 2006. Scroll through this website for a look at the history of this locale.

The links at the left take you on a tour of the mall ("take a walk"), quiz you on historic evidence ("locate clues"), and give you and your parents resources for learning more about the history of the mall ("learn more"). And finally, when you're done, don't forget to visit the Albemarle Charlotessville Historical Society, located adjacent to the downtown mall ("A.C.H.S.").

Before you begin: Click below and print out a map of the downtown mall, Courtesy of the Downtown Business Association (DBAC) of Charlottesville


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What does the sign say ?
What am I?

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